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 Scooter Mutter - Motorcycle Tow + More
Motor Scooter rental is available out of our Watertown, MA location (or can deliver the rental to you).
  • Contact us or use online booking to set up pickup appointment.
  • Will need valid driving licence or permit, and a deposit charged to your credit card $750 to $1000. You must be an adult and must will be responsible financially for any damages.
  • Sign Paperwork that claim you fully responsible for operating and storage in a safe manner.
  • 50cc Scooter (that does not require a special Motorcycle licence) and 125 -200 cc Scooter "full size" 
    (that require "M" endorsement or motorcycle permit).

Rent Yamaha Zuma scooter, for riding fun, local tour or as a compliment to your vacation rental. Delivery and pickup service is available to Greater Boston Area for an additional fee. You are required to have an active regular driver's licence. You are liable for any damages to scooters and other property. We will have you sign a waver, leave deposit or authorize your card for the amount of deposit. Helmets are required in the state of Massachusetts, bring your own DOT approved helmet or use one of ours.$56/ 2 hours, $99/day, $159 2 Days