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 Scooter Mutter - Motorcycle Tow + More


Electric Trike Li-ion powered by strong external motor! 

This is an electric trike, comes through internet search for an electric transport- City Coco or City Harley - we also have is two-wheel cousin.

Bike was nice riding it around Watertown, with very powerful 60v motor, powered by 21Amp Li-Ion Battery. Manufacturer's estimated range 60-80 miles. Acceleration on it is furious. Battery took a few days to discharge for quick runs to grocery store or other errand. Comes with a front light, keys, and charger. Can self-order more accessories on the internet, mirrors, tail light and turn signals, as controller has wires to plug those in. I was thinking of attaching a golf bag to the back of it, as it will make a great golf cart.

This vehicle is good for on road or off road, due to thick tires that help with sand and small obstacles. In terms of legality of use on road, I would imagine, that MA says under 20mph, on right side of road, wear a helmet.

Video of this bike is here: https://youtu.be/PgrRWrS9TEQ

Price: $800