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Here you can see that my career in transportation begun with transporting people, working for UMass Dart, shuttle service. Here is a scan of the training certificate from these times:
Wheel Chair Transportation

I enjoyed helping people as an EMT and liked interacting with customers as a limo driver, but unfortunately these jobs had quite a few draw backs. 
Never-the-less, this training taught me the importance of customer service, as well as proper, careful and thoughtful approach to any task at hand.


A Bit About Us:
Scooter Mutter, is simply a play of words and translates from German as "Scooter Mom" to show that we aim to provide gentile, prompt and caring service to our customers and their bikes. We are family owned business and my wife and I became strongly dedicated to promoting two-wheeled transport and fun bike related activities in New England area. Our general background always revolved around service, additionally we have been previously involved in people transportation, so naturally, as a source of income, we decided to start with providing motor bike transportation services.

For me riding started when I was 14 years old and got my first 50 cc moped. This was a very exciting moment of my life. Since then I have done many things and operated different vehicles of all shapes and sizes, including the iconic Harley motorcycles and some fast sport bikes. I recently re-discovered scooters in June 2011 and immediately fell back in love with these adorable and convenient creations. I never rode my '93 CBR as much as I ride my Vespa now. I take this thing anywhere - it is truly a perfect city bike, also capable of a little country touring!



I continued in service industry, becoming EMT and working for a Canton, MA based Ambulance outfit. My other experiences include working at tour guide since 2003 and part timed for Boston based limo company since 2007.
emt certificate